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About Brittney Cathcart:


Brittney Cathcart is a fashion and fine art photographer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She has been a photographer for over 8 years and is from Arlington, Texas where she earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography, from the Art Institute of Fort Worth. Now she is currently working towards achieving a Masters of Fine Art in Photography, at the New York Film Academy.

In Brittney’s images she utilizes color, dynamic poses, and unique lighting techniques to create her eclectic style. Her photographic expression is a modern yet futuristic edge in her use of unique and not often used lighting styles, like light painting, in her images so they have a very innovative and fresh feel to them.

Her ultimate goal as a fashion photographer would be to work and create photographs for magazines and major ad campaigns! She is a woman with high aspirations of having her work be seen throughout magazines and ad campaigns everywhere! This is a big dream and it won’t happen overnight but she will put in the time and work to achieve this dream because she has the drive and passion to make it happen!

If you are in need of a fashion photographer with an effervescent personality and a dynamic modernistic style contact Brittney. She is always happy to talk and meet with new people!